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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Question paper, Acid, Base chemistry, science , SSC

Question paper I           Acid Base Chemistry
Solve any 15 questions from 1to  18. Each question carry 1 mark. Total 30 marks.
Q.1:-  The characteristic properties of an acid is due to the presence of                
1. hydride ions   2. hydroxyl ions  3. hydronium ions    4. oxide ions
Q.2:-   A strong acid in solution is ___________.
1. mostly molecules   2. mostly ions    3. both molecules & ions
4. less water
Q3:   A weak acid in solution is ___________.
1. mostly molecules     2. mostly ions         3.   both molecules and ions       4. less water
Q.4:-   The pH of a carbonated drink is ___________.
1. less than 7     2. more than 7    3.  equal to 7      4.   approximately 7.8
Q.5:-   An acid is ___________.
1.  a proton donor      2.   a proton acceptor
3.  electron donor       4.   electron acceptor
Q.6:-   The drying of milk of lime (white washing) is due to the action of ___________.
1.  oxygen in air      2.        nitrogen in air
3.  CO2 in air          4.          hydrogen in air
Q.7:-   A salt derived from a strong base and a weak acid will give a salt that is _______.
1.  acidic   2. Basic                     3.  neutral           4.  volatile
Q.8:-   When litmus is added to a solution of borax it turns___________.
1. red   2. Pink              3. remains colourless      4.  blue
Q.9:-   Which of the following is not a mixed salt?
1.  K.Ca.PO4      2. Ca(OCl)Cl     3.           Na.K.CO3      4.        KCl
Q.10:-   Which is a soluble base in water?
1.  Fe(OH)3     2.  Cu(OH)2        3.           Zn(OH)2        4.   NaOH
Q.11:-   Which of the following is a weak base?
1.  NaOH         2.      KOH              3.          NH4OH          4.        Ca(OH)2
Q.12:-   Choose the acid salt from the following:
1.  NaNO3    2.         Na2SO4         3. NaHSO4          4.             Na2CO3
Q.13:-   In the following reaction, identify the products
NaHCo3  + HCl       Þ
1.  sodium chloride and water      2. water and carbon dioxide
3.  sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water
4.  sodium chloride, carbon dioxide and water
Q.14:-   Which of the following ionic species exist in a neutralization reaction?
1.  HCl-    2.  H+       3.        H2O         4.   H3O+
Q.15:- When HI dissolves in water, which ions are formed?
a. H3O+ and H2I+       b. H3O+ and I-         c. H3O+ and OH-
d. OH- and H2I+         e. OH- and I-

Q.16:-. Which of the following properties would indicate an acid?
I. pH less than 7   II. Turns litmus paper to a blue color.
III. Turns phenolphthalein to a pink color.

a. I only    b. II only     c. I and II    d. I and III          e. II and III
 Q.17:- Which of the following reactions would indicate a base?
a. reacts with water to give H3O+                       b. reacts with water to give H2
c. reacts with a metal to give H2                         d. reacts with HCO3- to give CO2
e. reacts with NH4+ to give NH3

 Q.18:- An electron pair acceptor is:

a.   an acid.      b. a base.    

Q. 19:- Write down properties of  acids & bases. (back to  the page)    5
Q.20:- Write following reactions with one example.(back to the page)         
A.  Acid + Metal   B. Acid + Metal corbonate    C. Acid + Metallic  oxides  D.  Base + Non metallic oxides   E.  Acid + Base                                          5

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